Embarrassed by your old driveway?

Solutions for all your unsightly Concrete Matters!

Design Crete Decorative Concrete Resurfacing is your permanent solution to those ugly concrete areas that could be detracting from the value of your property.

Design Crete is no ordinary concrete coating. Design Crete is specially formulated cement based decorative concrete coating system that bonds permanently to your concrete and never needs repainting. Design Crete is a high quality product that will add beauty and value to your property.

Design Crete gives you lots of benefits:

Permanent bonding to your concrete - Ordinary paving paints trap moisture in your concrete. The trapped moisture causes ordinary paving paint to bubble and then peel off. Design Crete is not a paint but a cement based coating that allows your concrete to ‘breathe’. Design Crete will never lift off... GUARANTEED!

Extremely hard wearing - Design Crete is a mixture of cement, high grade polymers and fine aggregates. Design Crete is up to 10 times thicker than ordinary paving paints. Design Crete is ideal for your driveway, carport, verandah or any other high traffic area.

Non Fade - Ordinary paving paints contain cheap tins that fade quickly. Design Crete will not fade because it contains the world’s highest quality Bayer ferric oxides.

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